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Crossing the Bridge

Crossing the Bridge into your partner's World is a metaphor used in Imago Relationship Therapy .  This process  involves stepping outside the comfort of your world, temporarily leaving everything you know behind, and approaching your partner with an open heart and beginner's mind.

When you arrive on the other side of the bridge to visit the world of your pa
rtner, you will utilize a powerful communication tool called the Imago Dialogue.  This dialogue is intentional and structured.  The structure creates safety; the process promotes understanding, validation, and empathy.

This dialogue process will help you connect with one another, and begin to understand that the conflict y
ou experience is really frustration over feeling disconnected, and frustration over feeling blocked from experiencing the growth and healing your relationship has been calling on you to embrace.

These bridge crossings can be used to restore connection, make sense of frustrations, understand the relationship growth messages, and share appreciations.

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Notice To Clients

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